2016 Youth (under 25) Championship

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03 September - 04 September

Barnt Green Sailing Club

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2016 Youths – Photo credit: Sarah Crabtree

Results – Sponsored by Noble Marine

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Results are final as of 13:38 on September 4, 2016


Sailed: 5, Discards: 1, To count: 4, Entries: 7, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Sail Boat Name Helm Crew Club Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Total Nett
1st 23384 Ben Hill Gabe Hill West Lancs YC / Bolton SC (1.0) 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 5.0 4.0
2nd 23089 SIMPLY RED Matt Smith George Crabtree Midland SC 2.0 2.0 3.0 3.0 (4.0) 14.0 10.0
3rd 23169 SNOW PICNIC Esther Bowdler Joe Jackman Looe SC (8.0 OCS) 3.0 5.0 2.0 2.0 20.0 12.0
4th 21889 GULP Thomas Kliskey Becca Stephens Penzance YC (4.0) 4.0 2.0 4.0 3.0 17.0 13.0
5th 20890 Robin Jones Joshua Haynes Hykeham SC 3.0 (8.0 DNF) 4.0 5.0 5.0 25.0 17.0
6th 22901 HARRY’S GAME Emma Coleman Aimee Allsopp Midland SC 5.0 5.0 (6.0) 6.0 6.0 28.0 22.0
7th 22932 IRISH MIST Adam Titchem Edward Onions Barnt Green SC 6.0 6.0 (8.0 DNF) 7.0 7.0 34.0 26.0

Scoring codes used

Code Description Points
DNF Started but did not finish 8
OCS On course side at start or broke rule 30.1 8


How can we make Woody’s boat go quicker? Photo credit: Sarah Crabtree

Event Report

A wet Saturday in Worcestershire greeted the youths from clubs as far away as Penzance, Looe, West Lancs, Bolton and Hykeham to a couple of local boats from Midland SC and the home club, Barnt Green.

Race 1

In the first race Ben & Gabe Hill from West Lancs YC & Bolton SC, Thomas Kliskey & Becca Stephens from Penzance SC and Esther Bowdler & Joe Jackman from Looe SC were all over at the start. Only two of them went back to re-start with Esther & Joe not realising and continuing to finish with an OCS. Matt Smith & George Crabtree from Midland SC led at the 1st mark, having been the last boat to cross the start line. Robin Jones & Joshua Haynes from Hykeham SC were 2nd and Esther & Joe 3rd. On the following run Esther & Joe gybed out to the middle of the course but Emma Coleman & Aimee Allsopp from Midland SC managed to pass them. The 2nd lap saw Matt & George increase their lead from Robin & Joshua with Ben & Gabe moving up to 3rd. Robin & Joshua and Ben & Gabe battled on a run with Emma & Aimee close behind. At the leeward mark Ben & Gabe took 2nd from Robin & Joshua. On the 3rd and 4th laps Tom & Becca fought hard with Emma & Aimee with Tom & Becca eventually gaining 4th place. On the 5th lap Ben & Gabe put pressure on Matt & George downwind, closing them down to 3 boat lengths. On the final lap the beat saw things hot up with Ben & Gabe picking the wind shifts perfectly to gain the lead. They won by several boat lengths from Matt & George. Tom & Becca closed down on Robin & Joshua on the last leg to the finish line. Robin & Joshua held their nerve to finish 3rd with Tom & Becca 4th.


Photo credit: Sarah Crabtree

Race 2

After an excellent lunch, race 2 started on a new course and in drier weather. Esther & Joe made the best start followed by Ben & Gabe. A crowded windward mark saw Robin & Joshua round 1st followed by Ben & Gabe with Esther & Joe in 3rd, Matt & George 4th and Tom & Becca 5th. Ben & Gabe took the lead at the next mark, followed by Esther & Joe with Matt & George 3rd. On the next beat Matt & George pulled up to 2nd place. Ben & Gabe continued to lead down the run with Matt & George 2nd and Esther & Joe 3rd. A lap later Matt & George applied pressure to Ben & Gabe to catch them downwind, close to the leeward mark. However, Ben & Gabe held out to round this mark 1st. On the following beat Matt & George continued to apply the pressure. Ben & Gabe pulled out a small lead on the next reach but Matt & George caught them up again. Esther & Joe remained in 3rd with Tom & Becca in 4th close behind. Ben & Gabe won this race easily. On the final run Esther & Joe and Tom & Becca both challenged Matt & George who held their nerve to finish 2nd, with Esther & Joe 3rd and Tom & Becca 4th.


Photo credit: Sarah Crabtree

Race 3

After a short tea and cake break, race 3 started in the strongest wind of the day, a good force 3 to 4. Esther & Joe made another excellent start. Close to the windward mark Matt & George made full use of a wind shift to cross ahead of Ben & Gabe to round the mark first, with Tom & Becca 3rd. Positions were held on the reach but on the following beat Ben & Gabe took a better line to round the following windward mark in the lead. Positions remained the same on the run with the 1st lap ending with Ben & Gabe 1st, Matt & George in 2nd and Tom & Becca in 3rd. On the second lap, whilst in 2nd place, Matt & George hit mark 8, the resulting penalty turn saw both Tom & Becca and Robin & Joshua overtake, dropping them to 4th place. On the next beat some very close racing saw Matt & George improve to 3rd place and hold this position to the mark. Ben & Gabe increased their lead with the four following boats bunched together some distance behind. Excellent sailing on the following beat saw some very close racing with several place changes. As the wind increased Tom & Becca moved up to 2nd with Robin & Joshua 3rd, Matt & George 4th and Esther & Joe 5th. Later Matt & George overtook Robin & Joshua on a beat to regain 3rd. Ben & Gabe won their 3rd race of the day. Tom & Becca finished 2nd a few lengths behind. 3rd was Matt & George with Robin & Joshua 4th.

Sunday dawned dry with lighter winds.

Race 4

The first race of the day started on a new course. Matt & George started at the committee boat end with Ben & Gabe further down the line. Esther & Joe rounded the windward mark 1st with Ben & Gabe 2nd, Matt & George 3rd and Robin & Joshua 4th. Positions remained the same down the run and also on the planing reach. On the following run Ben & Gabe applied the pressure but Esther & Joe held on to retain the lead. Esther & Joe continued to lead on the 3rd lap with both Ben & Gabe and Matt & George now very close behind. The next beat was very tactical, this time Ben & Gabe snatched the lead at the windward mark and held that to the end. At the leeward mark Matt & George overtook Esther & Joe, however, on the following beat Esther & Joe passed them again to regain 2nd place. These three boats remained very close for some time. Robin & Joshua and Tom & Becca were battling hard for 4th place and closing the distance with the leading pack. Ben & Gabe then increased their lead over the next two laps, from Esther & Joe in 2nd and Matt & George in 3rd. After 6 laps Ben & Gabe won comfortably with Esther & Joe narrowly retaining 2nd place with a last minute challenge from Matt & George in 3rd. Tom & Becca finished 4th just ahead of Robin & Joshua.

Race 5

Matt & George started with a 720 penalty before the start line after an incident with Robin & Joshua. Tom & Becca approached the starboard rounding windward mark on port but it was Ben & Gabe who rounded 1st on a starboard approach. At the start of the second lap Ben & Gabe continued to lead with Tom & Becca 2nd and Esther & Joe 3rd with Adam Titchem & Edward Onions from Barnt Green SC 4th. By the start of the 3rd lap Matt & George had recovered to 4th after their bad start. Ben & Gabe increased their lead, however, Esther & Joe were still in contention. On the 4th lap Matt & George challenged Tom & Becca on the reach. On the following beat Matt & George gained 3rd place with Robin & Joshua still close behind. Ben & Gabe eventually won their 5th race comfortably from Esther & Joe in 2nd place. Tom & Becca snatched 3rd place by inches, closing fast in a photo finish with Matt & George 4th.


The winners, Ben and Gabe Hill. Photo credit: Sarah Crabtree

There was no doubt as to the winners. Ben and Gabe Hill won every race! Ben also won the first helm under 21 prize. The Lady Helm trophy was won by Esther Bowdler crewed by Joe Jackman, who won the prize for first under 15 competitor. Emma Coleman won the prize for first Helm under 18 and the Old Boat trophy was won by Robin Jones and Joshua Haynes.

The host club, Barnt Green Sailing Club, treated us to a lovely curry on the Saturday night and very nice lunches and cake both days. Many thanks to the Commodore, Mike, Vice Commodore Rob, OD, Bob and all the other volunteer helpers and galley crew for running a very efficient event.

Finally, a big thank you to our title sponsor of the event, Noble Marine.

Report by Paul Young